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The " uniquely Irish phenomenon of the showband " first emerged in the early ’50s as a wholesome way to cut a rug while minding the Church’s prohibitions against " displays of earthy sensuality, Hugely popular, these big bands played repertoires consisting of the day’s American hits; they were so in thrall to music from across the Atlantic that one bandleader, Brendan Boyer, is seen by some as the first Elvis impersonator

The 60's was the golden era of the Irish showband scene, as Ireland was just about to emerge into the modern world, coming from a simple, innocent lifestyle of the 50's, to a world of television, rock'n'roll, and everything else that the 60's brought. The dance bands of the 50's were a starchy bunch, who hid behind their instruments and went through the night's programme in a machine like fashion. Then the younger musicians came along, having listened to Radio Luxembourg 208, or the pirate station broadcast from sea, Radio Caroline. They put the 'show' into show band, by dressing in snazzy suits and adding some choreography to their act. They also built up a rapport with the audience. It was a big thing back then to see someone that you'd actually heard on the radio, or better still, seen on TV, and this was one of the reasons for the show band stars achieving superstar status in Ireland, decades before the word 'superstar' was invented.

 List of Irish Showbands
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Roly Daniels  The Davitt Brothers Showband The Dazzle Showband
The Debonaires Showband The Decca Showband The Dee Jays Showband
The Deep Set The Defenders Showband Mick Delahunty Big Band
The Delta All Stars Showband The Denver Showband Derick and the Sounds
Dermot Hegarty Plainsmen Dermot Henry and the Virginians The Derry City  Showband
The Diamonds Showband Dickies Band The Dixies
The Dominoes Showband Donie Collins Showband The Malachy Doris Celi Band
The Dots  Showband Downtown Express The Dreambeats  Showband
The Dreams  Showband The Drifters Joe Dolan The Driftwood Showband
The Drumbeats  Showband The Duggie Dingle  Showband The Dublin  Showband
The Dukes  Showband The Earl Gill Showband The Easybeats Showband
The Echoes Showband The Editors Showband The Embassy Showband
The Emperors Showband The Empire Showband The Emerald Showband
The Envoys Showband The Epic Showband The Escorts Showband
The Esquires Showband The Everglades Showband The Evergreens Showband
The Express Showband The Jim Farley Showband Dan and The Farmers
The Fairways Showband The Farmers Sons Showband The Federals Showband
The Fendermen Showband The Fernandos Showband The Finnavons Showband
Fintan Stanley The Firehouse Showband The Richard Fitzgerald Band
The Flair Showband
The Fleet Showband The Flingle Showband The Florida Showband
The Johnny Flynn Showband The Fontana Showband The Footappers Showband
The Foyle Showband The Freedom Fighters Showband The Freshmen Billy Brown
The Des Fretwell Showband The Frielmen Showband The Des Furlong Showband
Michael Galbraith Dance Band Gallowglass Ceili  Band Gamblers Showband
Stephen Garvey Orchestra Gaylords  Showband
Gene and the Gents Gene and the Jury Gene Stuart and Homesteaders
The Giants Showband Ginger Morgan Hot Fever The Glensmen Showband
The Globetrotters Showband Dave Glover Showband The Golden Eagles Showband
The Golden Seven Showband The Graduates Tony Keeling The Grafton Showband
The Grassroots Showband The Green Angels Showband The Greenbeats
The Grenadiers Showband The Gypsies Showband


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