Maurice Mulcahy (21-8-1963), Maurice Lynch (3-9-1987),
David Coyle (Melody Aces) (17-11-1983), Johnny Kelly (Capitol) (25-10-1987), John Frawley (Monarchs) (17-6-1989), Danny Pearce (Jim Farley/Lions) (15-3-1969), Theo Cahill (Dixies) (23-7-1988), Chris O'Mahony (Dixies) 10-7-1990), Paul Williams (Greenbeats) (22-11-1967), Brian McCoy, Frank O'Toole and Tony Geraghty (Miami Showband ambush victims) (31-7-1975), Bobby O'Callaghan (21-9-1987), Brian Harkin (Mighty Avons and Plainsmen) (28-1-1991), Jimmy Molloy (Editor of Musical Gazette) (5-11-1993), Eamonn Andrews (Studios) (5-11-1987), Ollie Maloney (Tuam) 23-3-1994), Pat McGeegan (27-6-1987), Mick Delahunty (29-2-1992), Frankie Hannon (Johnny Flynn Band) (16-8-1975), Hugo Quinn (Clippers) 26-10-1987), Bram McCarthy (Capitol) 28-10-1987), Tom Dunphy (Royal and Big 8) (29-7-1975), Eddie Masterson (Tubbercurry and Dublin - songwriter and barrister) (4-4-1982), Mick Bryan (Fairways) (25-4-1970), Gerry Cronin (Ohio) (3-4-1988), Aidan Canning (Jack Ruane Band) (26-6-1992), Chris St. Leger (Victors) (7-12-1993).

The late great Derek Joy   31 October, 1997
It was one of those cruel ironies that, just as Waterford was preparing to celebrate a Bank Holiday  Weekend of showband nostalgia in the Olympia Ballroom, the news broke that Derek Joy was dead. It   really was difficult to believe that Derek was gone and his death caused genuine widespread sadness. 
  He had gone through some rough patches in his time but nobody expected that he would be called from this life so soon.
Jim Hand,
died on his birthday, May 4th, aged 64,
 managed some of Ireland's top showbands and musical acts in a show-business career that began in the 1960s.In the mid-1960s, when showbands were at the height of their popularity,Jim Hand became the manager of Dermot O'Brien and the Clubmen.The band had a number one hit with The Merry Ploughboy.Under his management, the Capitol Showband recorded Black Velvet Band, sung by Des Kelly, which became one of the band's biggest hits.
 Jim Hand:  1937 2001

Gerry Walsh, 58 
a member of the original Mighty Avons
died on October 12th 2001
Gerry was a native of Ballyhaise, Co. Cavan
Though the Avons had been off the road for long years,
he still retained a big interest in the business and was
manager of country singer John Hogan for a good many years.
Pete Browne (68) from Kiltimagh, who fronted the hugely popular Band of Renown and later the Sundowners during  the 1960s, died at his home in the town last week. He was predeceased by his wife Nancy in 1995 and is survived by his son Raymond and daughter-in-law Heidi and grandchildren in Miami, Florida, and by his sister  Margaret Wilkinson in Kiltimagh.
  His Band included Doc Carroll, Brian Carr and Frank and Vincent Gill, all of whom later went on to form the Royal    Blues Showband, as well as Pete's brother James (who died last year) and the late Billy Holian from Tuam. Doc  Carroll subsequently became the first singer from Connacht to register a Number One in the Irish Top 20 with Old  Man Trouble.
November 15th, 2001


David McWilliams 
 died on January 9th 2002 aged 56 
David McWilliams was born on July 4th, 1945, in the Cregagh area of Belfast 
He was later a founder-member of the Coral Showband

recorded one of the classics of 1960s rock music. The Days of Pearly Spencer, along with Them's Gloria and Bluesville's You Turn Me On, marked the arrival of Irish rock 'n' roll on the world stage     Link
I've just received news that OLIVER CROGHAN died yesterday 7th Feb 2002 
Oliver played with many groups and showbands over the years,including the HI-LOWS and the OKLAHOMA ShowbandsMay he Rest In Peace. 
Best regards
Eddie Kelly. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
As a fellow showband fan I thought you would be sad to hear of the death today of GERRY REYNOLDS once of the HI-LOWS SHOWBAND from Monaghan. 

John Baird July 6th 2002

Last week Gerry Murphy from the
Donie Collins Band passed away.
 Gerry was a close neighbour, a good friend and a fine musician right to the end. RIP
Patrick Horrigan
Posted July 15th 2002
Billy Carson (ex. Ohio and Swingtime Aces)died this
past week from cancer.
                  Posted Sat 7 Sep 2002
            From John Baird
Brian Finlay, one of the last surving members of the Mighty Avons showband,
has died suddenly in County Cavan.

Mr Finlay, who was in his early sixties, was a drummer with the band throughout the 1960s and 1970s when Larry Cunningham and Jean Stuart perfomed at dance halls throughout the country. 
Mr Finlay was playing golf in Cavan when he took ill this afternoon. He is survived by his wife and two children
December 15, 2002
December 30th 2002 

Granard, Co Longford  CONNIE LEE  passed away on  December,30th after a long illness.  Connie was lead singer  Wells Fargo Prarie Ramblers; 
THE Opportunity Band and Lee & Quo. 
He made several recordings during the 70's, moving into management and promotions at the end of his playing days.. RIP 
Eddie Murphy 
Showband Show  (Shannonside Northern Sound)
Date: 2003-04-25 00:14:11
Ronnie Ball (
Leo Mc Caffrey of The Glensmen" Leo passed away just last week. April 2003   R.I.P.

Click for Link
Star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spinoff "Angel
Glenn Quinn's father, Murty, who still lives in Dublin, is a musician who played with Dickie Rock and the Miami Showband, and later The Sands with Tony Kenny.
Joe " Boots" Clarke 
Dave Glover,and Witnesses
passed away on Wed,Feb 19th 2003
after a long battle against cancer.
He died in Canada.
Posted By John Baird
Thu, 15 May 2003

Brendan Hutchinson RIP.
 Navaks Showband, and brother of the ledgendary 
Shay Hutchinson (Melody Aces).
He recorded "The Lghtening Express" on Release Records late 60,s.
Sad News ,Regards ,John

Friday 11th July 2003 Seamus Creagh R.I.P It is with great sadness that I am posting news of the death of a great friend Seamus Creagh . Killea , Co.Donegal. Seamus played trombone with the Crescent Showband , and then with the Coasters/ Barristers and Bankers Showbands. three well 
 known Derry Bands and also with the Swing Revival Band from Letterkenny.He will be sadly missed  by his wife Evelyn. Son Barry , Daughter Elaine,and by all who knew him all who knew him May he REST in PEACE.John Baird 
Dickie McManus RIP Vocalist of  The Woodchoppers , Showband. Derry  died in Boston Feb 2003 
 Dickie McManus emigrated toBoston in 1965   Dickie  put together his own outfit The Emeralds Showband  which  was well received by the large Irish-American  contingents scattered throughout the country.  Before long The Emeralds Showband were performing  in  major cities such as  Chicago, New York, Boston and San  Francisco. 

                          Sean Hamilton 
Bass Guitarist with The Plattermen July 19TH. 2003 
He recorded the rock number "Shake" 
with the band in the 60,s.  RIP.  John Baird
                          Gary Street (55), 
Fairways Showband (Ballina) July 5th  2003 RIP
In 1968, his own composition ‘Flippidy Flop’ 
reached No. 10 in the Irish Top 20

LORNE GIBSON     1940 - 2003
During the 1960’s several British singers came to Ireland to front a showband including:
Deke Arlon (Tara); Ricky Valance (Chessmen); Houston Wells (Premier aces); Lorne Gibson (Gamblers) etc.
Lorne Gibson was a very popular artist on the British pop scene. With his trio he was a regular on BBC Light programme “Saturday Club”

Click for Link
Signed to Decca Reccords Lorne issued several excellent singles including
“Little Black Book” and “Some Do Some Don’t”, but chart success eluded him.
In late 1969 Lorne (a Scotsman) came to Ireland to front The Gamblers Showband.
An excellent group of musicians, they failed to grab the punters attention .
 Lorne and the Gamblers also suffered a setback with their debut single “Eva Magdelena”,
it was banned by Radio Eireann.
Lorne Gibson died on 12 May, 2003 aged 63.
Eddie Murphy
Showband Show
Shannonside Northern Sound

 David Mulcachy . who played Sax, with the 
Maurice Mulcachy Band
 passed away in the past week.

         May he Rest in Peace. 
 John Baird  September  14th 2003

               Shay Hutchinson  Melody Aces, RIP.
January 17th, 2004. Rated by his fellow peers as the finest country singer that Ireland produced, his passing will be mourned by the thousands who flocked to see and hear him on stages throughout the length and breath of Ireland.    May he Rest in Peace. 
                   Eddie Murphy  Showband Show
Shannonside Northern Sound

IRELAND’S oldest and most famous band leader has died following a long-term illness.
 25 November 2003
 Hughie Trainor band leader revered throughout Ireland has died, aged 83.
For over five decades he was involved in dance bands.
The Hughie Trainor Orchestra and Hughie Trainor and the Melody Makers
 provided entertainment for dancers the length and breadth of Ireland.
Hughie played the clarinet and saxophone from the 1940s right through to the end of the 1990s.
In the 1980s Hughie revived the "ballroom of romance" and played to enthralled audiences in
 Armagh's Drumsill House Hotel and at different venues across the border.
He is survived by his wife Jean, a son and three daughters.
One of the forgotten bandleaders
May he rest in peace

Michael Galbraith leader of the Michael Galbraith Showband ,Carndonagh, who was the resident Band in
The Borderland Ballroom ,Muff Co.Donegal away back in he late 50,s early 60,s died on Saturday after
suffering a short illness. A fine musician and bandleader he will always be remembered by his many
family and former musicians that played with him.
        May his Soul Rest in Peace.
Mon, 5 Apr 2004

John Baird

Derek McCormack. died on January 30, 2004 at age 51.
Derek played both bass and guitar throughout his professional career, which began in the 1960's. He performed with Dermot O'Brien for 12 years,he later  joined  Barleycorn and The Fureys,  Derek became the voice behind many of Barleycorn's most popular recordings, including
,"Song for Ireland," "Cavan Girl," "Carrickfergus," "Roisin," and many more.


Willie Deevey drummer with The Cadet's Showband
died suddenly in Dublin of a Heart Attack on Sat 22nd May 2004.
He was last seen on George Jones, "Do you come Here Often" Shows
at the Waterfront Hall , Belfast, a few years ago where he done a spot with
Eileen Reid and Paddy Burns from the Cadets .
May his Soul Rest in Peace

  John Baird  May 23rd 2004

                 Ernie Berkenheier,Bassist and founder member of the Airchords has died.
                A Rememberance Mass will be held for Ernie in the Church of the Holy Spirit,
                  Ballyroan, Rathfarnham, Dublin on Thursday July 29th, 2004 at 12 noon.
Eddie Kelly  July 28th 2004

Harry Whitley (R.I.P.)
Wee  Harry  Hank  Whitley
as he was known ,was lead Guitarist with,--
The Oceans Showband,--,the Scholars Showband ,--,the El Repos-- and the Simpson sound,
to name but a few, and was one of the most talented guitarists I have ever known.
Harry was very well respected by the Belfast showband scene
He sadly passed away a few years ago

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