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I must confess that at my first listening I was really surprised by "My Ireland" as it is obviously not the usual album of Irish music or your typical Irish singer: probably if Frank Sinatra was born in Ireland he would sound just like  Ian Gallagher. He's in fact a sort of crooner, with a clear jazz sensibility, who has decided to realise a true act of love for his home country, or for the home country of his ancestors if, as I suspect, he was born in the USA. In fact Ian has a very fine voice and his music his deeply imbued with his Irish roots even if one cannot say "My Ireland" is not a very different and various work...  it works, it really works!

                                                                                 Massimo Ferro

MASSIMO FERRO - Radio Voce Spazio, P.O. Box 12, 
15040 San Michele, Alessandria, Italy 

New Reviews: April 2, 2003

My Ireland
Ian Gallagher
Rego Records

Hailing from County Roscommon , Ireland, Ian Gallagher has been performing traditional Irish songs and American pop tunes for the past thirty-five years. My Ireland showcases Irish songs and instrumentals, as well as 1950's American pop standards. Various percussion, accordion, sax, clarinet, trumpet, piano, trombone, guitar, bass and vocal harmonies accompany the tunes. A strong sense of lounge jazz, bop, and even swing, is evident in some of the American song remakes. Fans of the New York Irish music scene should surely acquire My Ireland.

Review by Matt Forss

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A few months back, I got a CD in the mail from Ian Gallagher. At first, I didn't know what to make of it. I'm so used to getting Celtic music CDs from pure drop Celtic musicians or Celtic Rock groups that this was a total surprise. It was, well, jazz...or sorta Vaudevillian-era Irish, or something like that? But after a couple songs, I caught myself smiling. His music is absolutely delightful!      Marc Gunn.
I've reviewed your CD (is it your first?) and played the nostalgic and wistfull My Ireland track on our 1 hour music/news magazine programme Images of Ireland yesterday morning. I was interested in the lyrics as well
as the feeling you put into it - a nice counterpoint and perhaps a challenge to the Celtic Tiger
(shades of Dublin in the Rare Oul' Times by Pete St John).
However I could have done with some sleeve notes or a bio on how the recording came about, a little about yourself etc. Regarding the tracks, Heather on the Hill/ A Rose is a Rose/ Swing and Sway seem strangely out of place on an album entitled My Ireland - reasons for their inclusion? (this is where the sleeve notes would help).

Slán agus buíochas

Radio Auckland - Planet FM 104.6

Too often you will have reviews which casually state "Something for everyone", you just know that the choice will be very limited, but they want you to listen. "MY IRELAND" does fulfill the promise, if you are an old SHOWBAND lover like me, then you will be transported back to the Showband Days, if you just enjoy good music with a flavour, then this works just as well. 

The vocals flow like a stream through the glens, the musicians enhance but never trespass. 

A fine CD, will get plenty of Airplay. 

Reviewer:Roger Smith  (


Ian Gallagher's CD "My Ireland" has a mix of traditional Irish songs such as
   "Star of the County Down", "Sing me an old Irish Song", "The Voyage" and,
   of course, "Danny Boy". This is an excellent CD and my first exposure to Ian.
Also, check out his website for lots of information on the Irish Showband Scene 
of the sixties & seventies, as well as reviews of his CD  etc. 

                     Listen to a sample

             Visit Ian Gallagher's Homepage for more details

When we first received this album, we thought it would be just another of those old timey, cover type productions... How wrong we were! Gallagher is a seasoned, highly-professional performer, as smooth as silk - and he pumps out a unique combination of Celtic inspired Swing, guaranteed to get you dancing!  In short, Gallagher is a bag of surprises and the album is a treasure, full of unpredictable turns and twirls -a real gem and a truly original talent!                                                         Glen Clifford
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