Jarlath Moloney.
Trombonist and brother of Bandleader
Olly Maloney (Tuam) passed away.  He played
with Olly in the Ohio and later in his brothers Band ,
The Olly Maloney Showband.
 May he Rest in Peace.
John John Baird
June 25th 2011

Gerry and the Ohio were big business back in the showband era. Gerry Cronin was the lead singer and he had connections with Dublin and Cork. He came to Tuam when he joined the Johnny Flynn Showband.

Instantly recognisable with his deep Johnny Cash-style voice,
Gerry delivered most of the country songs as demand for the music soared across the land.
He recorded two albums with the Ohio and enjoyed success with his renditions of
Ring of Fire and Among the Wicklow Hills.

This Photo courtesy of Liam O'Reilly Collection

 The Ohio Showband 1966.From Left
Gerry Cronin.Frank Greally,Paraic Potter,
Marco Petrassi,John Bown,Des Hopkins,Billy Potter

Billy Potter
 Gerry Cronin, and Ollie Maloney decided to quit
The Johnny Flynn Band,and with Ollies brother Jarlath and Des Hopkins
from The Pete Brown Band formed their own outfit, and so The Ohio was born.

Marco Petrassi is a respected musician who has toured in Europe and the USA.
He has played with such stars as Dusty Springfield, Acker bilk, Shirley Bassy, and Ken Popaloski.
He was a regular on the BBC in "Come Dancing" and in "Top of the Night" for RTE.
He is a regular contributer to both TV and Radio.
He has also played with some of the best known Irish showbands including Paddy Cole,
The Regal Showband,Big Jim Farley, Michael O’Callaghan
These days Marco is a prominent player on the Irish jazz scene.

Des Hopkins
Click Photo for Link
Drummer Des Hopkins long regarded as an exponent of the great
Gene Krupa earned his experience in the jazz world playing with
Dixieland bands in the UK during the great trad jazz boom of the sixties.
He played in the Following Bands during the Showband scene in Ireland

(Dave Dixon’s Dixonaires Showband)(Pete Brown and his Band of Renown)
(The Ohio) (The Kings)(The Victors)
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Trumpeter Ollie Maloney and vocalist Gerry Cronin left Johnny Flynn's band to form The Ohio Showband.
The line-up also included Olly's brother Jarlath on Trombone, Drummer Des Hopkins,
Saxophonist John Lee and Bassist John Browne.

Recordings included  (Tips Of My Fingers) ( Ring Of Fire)  ( Among The Wicklow Hills)

Ian   your picture was the original band. Gerry Cronin was the
Bandleader and owner of the band, he had some differences with some of the members
of the original band and reformed the band recruiting the new five members in witch I was part of,
only Gerry himself and Paraic Potter (Tenor Sax player)remained.

Brendan O'Loughlin

Hi Ian, here's the Ohio Showband when I was with the band.(In chair)
The Line is : L to R Eamon Mangan (Trumpet) Brendan O'Loughlin(Bass Guitar)
Frankie Coughlan(Lead Guitar)Gerry Cronin(Lead Singer) Paraic Potter
(Tenor Sax) Frank Hanly (Keyboards) Walter Lynch (Drums)The Problems and The Big Time

Brendan O'Loughlin

Link to Express Showband

Link to Ambassador Showband

From Brendan O'Loughlin's Files

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Gerry Cronin  passed away in 1988, Ollie Malone Billy Carson, Frankie Coughlan and original
manager Charlie McBrien are also deceased. (RIP)


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