Dave Glover 85 died in Belfast (April 27th  2009) after a short illness.
The enigmatic Bandleader and excellent musician will be missed by anyone who knew him
and especially those close to him and his ex. Band members.
May he Rest in Peace
John Baird

Dave was twice married to singers in his band — and divorced.
His first wife was Lynne Shaw with whom he had a son David and a daughter Debra, and his second wife, Muriel Day,
became a household name in 1969 when she came fourth in the Eurovision Song Contest with Wages Of Love.

In recent times Dave, whose partner for 32 years was Anne Mulholland,
lived quietly at Carnmnoney where he took an active interest in the passing music scene.

The Dave Glover Showband first appeared at the opening of
The Arcadia Ballroom in Portrush, 1953.
Their popularity increased dramatically, and they left the Arcadia in the early 1960s
to concentrate on nightly appearances throughout Ireland.
he Dave Glover Showband made more than 100 television appearances
and over 400 radio broadcasts in their career.

Funny how the “old memory” still recalls certain moments even 40 years on!.
I  remember walking in the Fiesta door on a dance night and was immediately bowled over by the great sound of Muriel Day belting out “River Deep , Mountain High to a captive audience. Muriel was lead vocalist in her husbands band,  the Dave Glover Showband. Well known trumpeter and bandleader Dave, began his career with Bob Robinson,s Dance Band in Belfast. He also played as resident band in Portstewart,s Palais de Dance . In 1953 a new ballroom , the Arcadia was built in nearby Portrush and the Dave Glover band opened the famous venue in 1953.  He played there mostly on weekday nights but  travelled Countrywide to the dancehall circuit at weekends. Some members including Andy Wilson, Gerry Rice , Trixie Hamilton and Joe Clark left the Glover band to form the Witnesses Showband  so Dave had to rebuild the band again. Glover always surrounded himself with good musicians and the band that I heard in 65 was , Dave Glover , (Trumpet), Jackie Flavelle (Bass),

Jim Gunner(Guitar), a prolific songwriter who penned “I wear his Heart.” Which was recorded by Muriel Day, Desi McCarthy (Drums), Muriel Day and Mike Munro, or Jim McManus, (Vocals) and two brilliant musicians from Derry. Jim McDermott (Sax/Clar.) and my good friend Johnny Anderson (Trombone), This excellent band played a great dancing programme ,Dixieland jazz , big ballads , pop , the really “could turn their hand to anything.” All through the Dave Glover years some fine vocalists sang with this fabulous band, Tommy Duffy, Harry Mitchell, and female vocalist Lynne Shaw, who incidentally became Dave.s first wife. One of the highlights of the Glover era was when Muriel Day represented Ireland in Eurovision in Madrid in1969 and finished in 7th place .The band were a big draw in Cork and got a massive reception when they played their first gig there after their Eurovision  success. “We had to have a Garda escort the whole way into Cork City , just to keep the crowds away “ recalls Dave. The band also toured extensively ,Canada being a big venue for them, and made over  100 TV appearances and as many  Radio Broadcasts. When the Showband scene finally came to an end , some of the band members settled in Canada where Johnny Anderson fronts his own jazz band , The Canucks.
Sadly Jim Gunner passed away a few years ago.
Thankfully Jim Mc Dermott, Jackie Flavelle , Dave Glover and Muriel Day are still involved in music, especially Dave who over 80 years of age is still blowing trumpet as good as ever , the marque of a great bandleader.

John Baird

Dave Glover
Northern Ireland trumpeter Dave Glover first came to prominence during the late '40s playing dixieland
in Belfast. His orchestral and big band seasons included a ‘Show’ Routine,which helped spawn the Showband phenomenon, which subsequently spread southwards to Eire.
Glover's first Showband line-up included Big Joe Clarke (Vocals),Andy Wilson (Trombone),
Harry Mitchel (Keyboards), Gerry Rice (Saxophone),Harry ‘Trixie’ Hamilton (Bass),
Alex Burns (Guitar) and David Martin (Drums).
By 1963,most of the above line-up departed to form The Witnesses, while Glover found fresh musicians.
Two promising Vocalists, Muriel Day and Mike Munroe were backed by Dave Glover
 Jim Gunner (Guitar),( real name George Hesse) and Jack Flavelle (Bass) joined from Galway's  Swingtime Aces. ,Jim McDermot (Saxophone), Johnny Anderson (Trombone), and Desmond McCarthy (Drums).
The new line-up enjoyed a modicum of success, most notably when Muriel Day represented
Ireland in the 1969 Eurovision Song Contest, with the chart-topping WagesOf Love.

Jim Gunner passed away (RIP)

Born in Newtownards Muriel says her brother James Galway  has the best voice in the family
She began her career with the Saints Showband Billed as Muriel Galway, the girl with the dimples
 Dave Glover wanted a singer.
Someone had told him there was a wee girl called Galway who hadn't a bad voice, so he came along to hear her
He offered her an audition and ended up marrying her.
If you're any good and they like you, I'll take you on," he said. They did, and he did too!
One of the highlights of her career came in 1969 when she auditioned for the
National Song Contest to choose a Eurovision song.
"I came out with no expectation but three days later I got the call to say I was one of the
eight singers chosen with Dana, Dickie Rock and Pat McGeegan
It was her song Wages of Love which was chosen to represent Ireland.
As it turned out, and the only time in history, four songs tied for the number one spot with Muriel coming fourth,
When Muriel and Dave parted she went to Canada and formed The Night Squad
where they found fame and some fortune.


From John Bairds Collection

"Recollections:Dave Glover"

In 1989 showband king, Dave Glover,came into the Radio Ulster studios to chat to Sam McAughtry about his childhoodand career. The youngest of 4 brothers, who all played musical instruments,Dave's choice was the trumpet. He was involved in music from a young ageand played in several different bands.
He served his time as a turnerat Shorts and Harlands in Belfast. However when he was 21 he took the decisionto become a professional musician, playing firstly for the "Bob Robinson"band at Belfast's Floral Hall, before going on to set up his own band -the "Dave Glover Show Band".
The great days of the showbands,and the reason for their demise, are recalled in "Recollections: Dave Glover broadcast on 14th August 1989).


One of the household names in the 60s was Muriel Day.
She and her husband Dave Glover were Top-Headliners
One of the highlights of her careercame in 1969 when her song'' Wages of Love''
was chosen to represent Ireland at the Eurovision song contest


 Jim McManus lives in Germany.
He still sings with Bands.
He is 71 and his voice is still brilliant.

E. Schaffer


Jim Gunner
Ian, Here is a little info on Jim Gunner, off the top of my head.
He was born in O'Connell Ave ,Wexford.(real name George Hesse)
His father was a gunner in the British Army (hence the stage name.)
during the war and was a prisoner working on the Burma Railway when Goerge was born.
After the war he went back to England and after completing
his education there became a Customs Officer.
He was playing guitar during this time and recorded "Hooley Jump" and "Footloose"
for Decca Records round about '59 or "60 (He is also rumoured to have recorded
the demo for Apache, but it is only rumoured.)
He then released "Desperados" on ,I think, Fontana .
(These ,as far as I know were his only U.K. releases,
The dates etc are straight out of my head as i haven't had time to check the records.)
I remember him playing in Wexford afterwards with an English group called
The Dave Wender Group It was a three piece Guitar,Bass and Drums.
 Some time after that he returned to Wexford and joined
The Joe Lowney Showband, at the time a fully pro outfit.
My memory fails me here, I'm not sure if this was before his time with
Dave Glover or after, but I think it was after.
After both Glover and his time with The Swingtime Aces that is.
He also made some records at that time, billed on one as The Boy from Wexford.
 He left Wexford and returned to Liverpool where he went into the cabaret and pub scene
as a solo act and with his two daughters as "Banjaxed."
He also did seasons in the Isle of Man.

 He passed away in Liverpool some years ago.
Regards ,Jack O'Leary.

1960 handout picture. Clockwise from left: 
Ricky Parkes, Alex Burns, Davy Martin,
Gerry Rice, Harry Mitchell, Harry Hamilton, 
Andy Wilson.    Front: Dave Glover.
The Dave Glover Showband in 1965.Seated: Muriel Day. Back: Johnny Anderson, 
Jackie Flavelle, Jim Gunner, Dave Glover, 
Jim McDermott and Desi McCarthy.

Bass player Jackie Flavelle has made music
 Born in north Belfast, as a young boy in the 1940s he played flute in his  school orchestra and with
The Ulster Amateur Flute Band, who were world champions several times in the
1950's under conductor William Flavelle, Jackie's uncle.
He joined the Dave Glover Orchestra in 1959, playing double bass and then moving to
bass guitar - when it was first invented!
Before joining the Chris Barber Jazz Band in 1966 he enjoyed stints with other showbands like the
Johnny Quigley All Stars and  Johnny and the Jokers from Londonderry and
The Swingtime Aces from Athenry, Co Galway,and The Gay McIntyre Band
With Barber, Jackie toured the world and  played with many leading musicians,
 including Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Ray Nance, Wild Bill Davis, Dr John and even The Doors.
One of his most memorable gigs was at the Reading festival, playing on the bill alongside
Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones.

 Jackie  present Jackie's Jazz and Blues on Downtown radio, Friday nights at 9pm.
Click here to see Jackie Flavelle's bio

If you fancy experiencing some of the magic of live blues and jazz, Flavelle's Music Club meets every
Tuesday in the Rotterdam Bar, showcasing the best talent, and you can hear Saturday afternoon blues
 every week with The Essence, at The Old Priory Inn, Holywood.

Lisa Flavelle (Jackie's Daughter)
 Presents Downtown Radio's Drivetime Monday-Friday, from 3-6pm.
Click here to see Lisa Flavelle's bio

Ernie Shimmin
Ernie (Trombone) featured for many years with
The Dave Glover Show Band
Still playing with  The "Martello Jazz Band"
Ireland's Top Traditional Dixieland Jazz band.

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