Terry Logue,Fergus O'Hagan, Hugo Quinn, Victor Fleming, Hugh Toorish, Dominic Shearer, Mickey O'Hanlon,
and Art O'Hagan
           Clippers on stage in london late 50,s
                            Mickey O, Hanlon "Clowning" as usual,

The Clipper Carlton
In the mid-fifties 8 young men got together in Strabane and called themselves "The Clipper Carlton
The Clipper Carlton gave birth to the showband era,
The Clipper Carlton were playing a gig somewhere up North and they were doing it the old way at the start of the night, sitting down like an orchestra behind their music stands.
And then, almost on a whim, to a man those Quinns and their colleagues
stood up and kicked away their chairs and belted it out standing up and gyrating and rocking.
And that was where the road started.

The Clipper Carlton lit the fuse that led to the showband explosion of the sixties.
They travelled all over Ireland, to England and America too,
creating hysteria similar to that witnessed by the pop stars and rock groups of today.
The Juke Box Saturday Night spot  was the highlight of all Clipper performances
Young bands starting out went to see the Clipper Carlton perform
so that they might learn something.
They also taught those who followed that there was more to this business than music.
There was money to be made .
There orignal name was The Merry Macs

Billy McFadden of the Clipper Carlton Showband played  Irish dance tunes, one of which,
as I remember, was the Harvest Home hornpipe.
I had never heard Irish music played on guitar before and it nearly blew my mind.

Read This Article about the Band
   Donegal Peoples Press
Story of the Clipper Carlton  Showband
By John Baird

From the files of John Bairds collection

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