Clefonaires Showband

The first ever showband in Sligo. In Tubbercurry, a group of young lads decided to start a showband.
Along came Bernie Brennan, a nice fiddle player, who also played Sax, and his brother,
Eddie, who had a flair for Drumming. Two other brothers, Peader and Pierce Leonard,
had musical talents on the Guitar and the Cleftonaires were formed.
 Carl Neilsen, a multi-talented man from Denmark, played trumpet, bass and accordion and he was signed up.
Pauric Patten was a great mouth-organ player, who soon took up the Clarinet and Sax with some style.
Sean Hunt filled in on Bass Guitar. Mickey Brennan Trombone. Sean Maran played and Sax.
For a crooner, they chose the very talented man-about-town, the late Tony Doyle.
 Finally, after a great run of several years, they broke up. Mickey Brennan went with Pauric Potter to
Jack Ruane’s Showband and Victor’s Showband, in turn. Carl Neilsen,
Mickey and Pauric formed the band that is still playing, “The Jazz Lads”.
That is the history of the Clefonaires Showband,


Photo of the Clefonaires Showband taken in Shorrocks Ballroom, Manchester in 1962. Back row (l-r): Paraic Potter, Mickey Brennan, Carl Nielsen, Dominic Smith (RIP); Front row (l-r): Noel Morrison (RIP), 
Frank Brennan (RIP), Roddy Gillen.
The Clefonaires. Included are Paraic Potter,Tony Doyle,\ Sean Haran, 
Carl Nielsen, Sean Hunt, Eddie Brennan, Peadar Leonard, Pearse Lennon and Mickey Brennan. 
List of  musicians who played with The Clefonaires were Paraic Potter (Sax/Clarinet), Sean Hunt (Bass),
Eddie Brennan (Drums), Carl Nielsen (Trumpet), Peadar Leonard (Piano), Sean Haran (Accordeon),
Mickey Brennan (Trombone), Frank Brennan (Lead Guitar),Montrose  Tony Doyle (Vocals)
Pierce Leonard (Guitar), Bernie Brennan (Alto Sax), Marty Brennan (Drums) Mickey Brennan joined the
Jack Ruane Showband (Ballina)and later moved to Cork with The Victors.
Paraic Potter went first to Jack Ruane, then to Tuam to The Ohio. He later teamd up with The Kings (Naas).
When the Savoy Swing Seven disbanded, Noel Morrison (Bass Guitar), Dominic Smith (Drums)
and Roddy Gillen Guitar/Voicals) joined the Clefonaires.


Dominic Smith,(Savoy Swing Seven) Frank (Vicey) Brennan,(Montrose)
Tony Doyle, Pat Kelpie and Noel Morrison (Savoy Swing Seven)have passed away (RIP)

Peadar Leonard, one of
the original members of the Clefonnaires Showband
died in California last Tuesday, 6 April 2010.
He is survived by his wife, Noreen (Patton), daughter,
Patricia, sons, Gary and David, brother, Pearse (California) and
sisters, Maura King (Galway) and Maeve Loughnane (Caifornia).

From John Bairds collection

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