The Carlton Showband-1966
L to R: Chris O'Toole, Seamus Grew,Sean McManus,
Christy McLaughlin, Fred White & Mike Feeney.
The crests on the breast pockets are crossed Irish & Canadian flags.

Carlton Showband 1990
Back Row: L to R: Robert Benoit, Mike Feeney, Fred White & Seamus Grew.
Front Row: L to R: Roddie Lee, Greg Donaghey (Cadets) & Larris Benoit

The Carlton Showband were formed in 1963 in Ontario, Canada, by a group of Irish-Canadians. Fred White, Chris O'Toole, Christy McLaughlin, Seamus Grew and Sean McManus comprised the original lineup, but Mike Feeney, Johnny Patterson and Bob Lewis joined soon after. After two popular singles for Quality Records ("The Merry Ploughboy" and "Up Went Nelson"), the Carlton Showband's self-titled album appeared in 1966 on CASL Records. The following year, they became the houseband for Canadian CTV's Pig and Whistle Show. They stayed for ten years and released 13 albums in that time: another self-titled LP in 1967, A Night at the Pub (1967), The Carlton Showband on Tour (1968), The Carlton Showband at the Pig and Whistle (1969), Time Gentlemen Please (1970), Carlton Showband Special (1971), Carlton Country (1972), If You're Irish (Carlton Showband by Request) (1973), Any Dream Will Do (1975), Carlton Showband First Choice (1975), One up on the World (1976), Here We Go Again (1977) and 20 Gospel Favorites (1977), plus three greatest hits compilations.

After the show was cancelled, Carlton Showband released Sixteen Most Requested (1978), Hard Times (1979), Back to the Sod (1980), Three Steps to Heaven (1982), Reflections (1985), We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1986), Carlton Showband's 25th Anniversary (1988), Catch the Spirit (1990), and 25 All-Time Favorites (1993). With lead singer Gregory Donaghey (who joined in 1974), the current lineup includes Fred White, Roddie Lee, Robert Benoit, Larris Benoit and Aaron Lewis. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

Johnny Patterson was born Derry.
Johnny Patterson has passed January 26 2007 R.I.P.
 Woodchoppers, Magnificent Seven, Walter Lewis,Carlton

Reunion of Derry ex-pats that met in Washington in 1975
Ita Patterson, widow of the late Johnny Patterson of the Carlton Showband
is looking to track down the people in this picture.
Ita's number is 07517254010.
From the US or Canada Ita's number is 011447517254010.


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