Left to Right
Jimmy Hogan,. Don Long; Paddy Cole; Butch Moore; Eamon Monaghan;
Des Kelly; John Kelly (centre); Bram McCarthy.

DES KELLY (Leader), Bass Guitarist, the leader of the band, had already formed a group of his own before he left Galway to study agriculture at U.C.D. With his brother, John,
he shares a keen interest in folk music, particularly American folk songs with Western associations.

BUTCH MOORE is a Dubliner and he began his musical career on the stage.
It was not long, however, before he turned to dance work and he was already a popular figure in ballrooms all over the country when he joined the Capitol as lead vocalist.

JOHN KELLY, who exchanged the arduous life of studying medicine in Galway
for the equally taxing role of drummer with the Capitol. Like his brother Des,
he is interested in American folk music but much more so in the traditional tunes of Ireland.

EAMON MONAHAN is a tall, golfing Donegal man who was one of the original "Capitol" Boys.
A member of a well-known musical family, he is now the Showband pianist and also sings.

BRAM McCARTHY of Cork is one of Ireland's top trumpeters and also one of the most
popular members of the band. Bram is sure of a following wherever the "Capitol" goes.

DON LONG of Cork is a leading contributor to the jazz movement in Ireland.
With the band he plays the trombone but he is also a versatile singer and his work
brings considerable ex- perience from the jazz clubs of London.

PADDY COLE is from Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan. One of the most prominent
exponents of traditional jazz in Ireland, he plays tenor sax, baritone sax and clarinet,
and like nearly everyone else in the band is an excellent vocalist as well.

JIMMY HOGAN, a Dubliner, began his [ musical career in the theatre and has a great
liking for Spanish and South American folk songs. Not surprising, then,
that his instruments are the guitar,the banjo and the mandolin.

Studio Session recording   American Album
Butch Moore , Barney Skillen Clipper Carlton

           Butch and Paddy with Woody Herman            The Capitol with Chubby Checker
           The Capitol and The Batchelors       Butch with Jazz Trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie
               Telefis Eireann's (Showband Show)            Dancing to The Capitol Showband

                                 From Paddy Noonan's Collection
Since the 1960's, the name Paddy Noonan has been synonymous with Irish music.Paddy discovered that music was is his first love shortly after arriving in New York City from County Cork at the age of twelve. After breaking onto the cabaret scene at the ripe old age of sixteen, Paddy later went on to gain popularity by playing at the
New York City Center Ballroom, then the Dancing Mecca for Irish music lovers during the 50's and early 60's.
                                                     This was also a Big Venue for the Showbands
The multi-talented performer also has an entrepreneurial side. His work as a pioneer in the field of Irish music let to his 1969 founding of Rego Irish Records. Those who have seen Paddy and his all-star line-up in action know that they are in for a lively performance. They share the pure joy and tireless energy speaking through his music as magic is made. During each performance Paddy allows the Irish singers, dancers, musicians and comedians who accompany him in his performances, among the best in their field, to take center stage. When asked about his retirement, with a twinkle in his eye he'll tell you "when someone calls and asks me to play at their wedding, and mentions that I played at their grandparents' wedding, I think then it will be time to put away the accordion!"
Paddy still performs today and no one can give you that sweet musical taste of Ireland like Paddy Noonan. Paddy runs cruises and trips the world over. Check out his website and learn about the man that did more than anyone to preserve Irish Music in America.
                                           Capitol at the Mount_Errigal_Hotel_Letterkenny_,_Comeback_Tour_1986


                               Capitol Photos courtesy of Billy Vance
                                    collection, Convoy, Co. Donegal,

Scanned by John Baird
From Billy Vance,s collection

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