The Bandits Showband
Front Row::::Johnnie Cosgrove(Drums)Tom Walsh(Trumpet)
Second Row::Frank Fahy(Vocalist)Tommy Ryan(Bass Guitar)
Eamonn Ryan(Lead Guitar)Jimmy Reilly(Sax/Clarinet)
Back Row:::::Willy Brogan(Trombone

The Original Bandits Showband ,Tuam
Back L--R.Tommy Ryan (Guitar/Vocals) 
Jimmy Reilly(Sax./Clar.Bandleader)
Middle L--R.Johnny Cosgrove (Drums),
Frankie Fahy(Vocals) Eamon Ryan (Guitar)
Front. L--R. Willie Brogan(Trombone)
Tommy Walsh, (Trumpet).
Back L-R.. Stan McCormack,(Trumpet/Pianette)
(also played with The Kevin Woods & The Bandits) 
Willie Brogan (Trombone) Donie Trautt(Drums)
Eamonn Ryan (Guitar/Vocals), 
Kneeling.L-R.Jimmy Reilly(Sax/ Bandleader)
and Tommy Ryan(BassGuitar/Vocals)
Eamonn Ryan and Tommy Ryan are both deceased

                                                                                     Bandits Dance1966

Live in stage in the early 50,s in Dunmore Co Galway
The Bandits from Tuam Co Galway were formed in 1960
Three members of the Paramount Showband, Trombonist Willy Brogan, Bassist Tommy Ryan and
Saxophonist Jimmy Reilly then teamed up with Guitarist Eamon Ryan, Drummer Johnny Cosgrove,
trumpeter Tommy Walsh and Vocalist Frank Fahy Drummer Johnny Cosgrove was replaced
by Pat Colum,who in turn was replaced by Donie Trautt
     John King took over as lead vocalist while Cavan trumpeter Stan McCorack came from
The Teeveetones in place of Tommy Walsh, who relocated to Dublin where he played with
The Collegemen and later The Graduates.
     Some of there recordings included " Riverman /     Rosa Rio " featuring Tommy Ryan on vocals
"Bright City Lights / One More Ride" and "Schumann Was His Name / Mrs. McGrath ".

The Original 3 AMIGOS, Frank Fahy , Donie Trautt and Willy Brogan

This Picture from Willie Brogan

                                  The Bandits in Full Swing  Trombonist, Willie Brogan at the mike

                                                                                      Bandits Donegal drummer Paddy Collum at the Mike
               John Henderson, David Coyle, John Devine and Eugene McNamee are now deceased.(RIP)
                                                                         From John Bairds collection

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