Quicksilver 1956,
L-R Frank O,Brien (Keyboards) later to play in Premier Aces,
Johnny Kelly(Banjo, RIP, later to form Capitol) Des Kelly (Accordion)
Joe Killarney (Drums), Bernie Kelly (Vocals) Joe Morris (Violin)
Mickey Costello (Accordion) and Bernie Carrick (Piano RIP)

Des Kelly (Guitar ) Frank O,Brien (Drums) Johnnie Kelly (Trumpet )
and Micky Devaney (Sax / Clarnet) later to play with Johnny Flynn

The two Kelly brothers Des and Johnny from Turloughmore , Co. Galway .
together with other family members and friends formed The Quicksilver
playing a lot of ceili music in their native County .
They got £12 for playing their first gig in Cummer , outside Tuam in the late 50,s.
The line up was Des/ Piano and Accordion, Johnny /Drums ,
their sister Bernie (Now a DJ in Australia)who played Bass and sang
along with other band members Mick Costello,
Bridie Carrick, Joe Morris, Joe Killarney ,and Christy Dooley.
Johnny Kelly was also to play drums for a short time with the
Westcoasters Showband from Abbeyknockmoy, near Tuam.
It was not long. however that Des Kelly came under the influence of the music and
Showmanship , generated by The Clipper Carltonfrom Strabane,
so they decided to go semi professional and form the Capitol Showband.
John Baird
Capitol Story

Frank O,Brien (Guitar), Johnny Kelly (Drums)
Bernie Kelly,Micky Devaney (Clar/Sax.)
Des Kelly (Accordion) and Bridie Carrick (Piano)

In the winter of 1959 Des Kelly and his brother, John,
Together with their sister, Bernie, they formed
The Quicksilver Dance Orchestra which enjoyed a degree of popularity
in local halls in the area of east Galway.

Warwick_Hotel Galway 1957
Johnny Kelly (Drums), Des Kelly (Accordion)
Bernie Kelly (Vocals) and Bridie Carrick (Piano)

 The Photos on this Page came  from Bernie Kelly in Australia
(She is Des Kellys Sister , Via Ann Fahy)

From John Bairds collection

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