The Cascades Showband.  Belfast.
Line up 1967/68 -
L/R.  Victor Stewart(trumpet), Billy Skelly(Organ  /Vocals),Frankie Best (Sax)
Jim Brannigan(Bass) Roy ?? (Vocals) Roy Fleming(Guitar/Vocals) & Eddie Bailey (Drums)

Ricky Craig was replaced by ( Roy ?)sometime 67/68.
In 1968 Trumpeter Victor Stewart replaced Spencer.In the same year Jimmy Brannigan replaced Archie.
In 1969 Roy Fleming replaced Jimmy on lead.
In the Autumn of 68 Robert Magee (Sax,Flute,Vocals) replaced Frankie.
Harry Dalzell became the new Vocalist in 1969.
Jim Campbell(Bass)formally of The Cousins Showband joind in 1970/71.
By now, the band was playing the Dancehalls, Firms Clubs and the most bombed hotel in the world "
The Europa Hotel", where they played at the opening of "The Penthouse Suite",
The Plaza Ballroom,(Mecca), Belfast and became resident in Maxims
along with "Ned McCruddens Trio".

The Belfast Showband  "The Cascades" were formed in 1967/68 by Billy Skelly (Organ/Vocals)
The rest of the line up was:- Ricky Craig(Vocals), Eddie Bailey( Drums),Jimmy Hamilton(Rythm/Vocals)
Archie Craig(Mandolin) & Michael McWilliams(Lead Guitar).Jimmy Brannigan (Bass)
Sax player Frankie Best & Trumpeter Spencer Ritchie were added last.
In the beginning the band played clubs & pubs, such as
The Ulster lounge, The Diamond Bar, The Queens Court Hotel(Bangor)

Line up 1968
L/R  Billy Skelly, Jimmy Hamilton, Harry Dalzell, Eddie Bailey Victor Stewart, & Robert Magee
(Jim Campbell,Bass, missed the photo-shoot for some reason.)
Taken at "Maxims Ballroom Belfast.

 Robert(Sax/Flute) emigrated to Germany in 1972 and was replaced.
Victor (Trumpet) was followed by Evan Leathem.
At one stage the band was 9 piece with female singer Amy Doyle
(who later went on to record religious songs)
Bobby Stinton Joined on Bass & Paddy Gillen came in on Lead.
In 1974 the band was reduced to a Trio Billy Skelly (Organ/Vocal),
Paddy Gillen (guitar) & Eddie Bailey (Drums).
The Trio became resident in THE ULSTER SPORT CLUB,
Belfast with "BO BIRCH" as compare and singer with the remaining "three".
Eddie & Paddy left in 1985.
Spencer Ritchie,(Trumpet) has past away.RIP.
Jim Campbell,(Bass) emigrated to Canada.
Billy Skelly, Founder of The Cascades (Belfast) now lives in the U.S.A.
Eddie Bailey,(Drums) still lives in Belfast.

From the files of
Eddie Bailey (drums).
Robert (crocket)Magee

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